A Look at NARI PNW/ORA In 2015

    NARI Pacific Northwest Vision Statement 

    Member Profile

    Our members are recognized by their peers and the marketplace for being the premier contractors and suppliers due to the quality of their work and ethical standards.  They are always seeking improvement and growth for themselves, their employees and their companies. They are constantly looking for ways to give back to our industry and society.   

    Member Benefits

    NARI Pacific Northwest continues to provide outstanding educational and financial opportunities. Developing member relationships with other business people for mutual growth, both personally and professionally is paramount. Small groups exemplify membership experiences in an environment of respect, complete trust and confidentiality.

    Professional Development & Education

    Our members have knowledge of and utilize the educational opportunities available from NARI Pacific Northwest.  NARI Pacific Northwest provides guided help of the resources available for members use in their pursuit of lifetime learning and career advancement.  Continuing Education is offered on a regular basis for our members.  The association continually encourages the professional development of members through NARI certifications and certified members are acknowledged for their accomplishments.  


    Our local chapter has a strong connection and working relationship with our national association.  Our members have a solid understanding of the operation, vision, short and long term goals, educational offerings, lobbying efforts and many support systems of both our local and our national offices, and routinely access the many benefits offered by each.


    The association is led by individuals with personal humility and professional will. They look ahead, capture a glimpse of the future, and share that vision with everyone. They have the discipline to confront the difficult issues of any current situation. Our leaders help recruit and mentor the next leaders. Positions of leadership are highly sought after and esteemed.


    The leadership and NARI Pacific Northwest administrative staff have a clear knowledge of tasks each committee and staff member is assigned and the progress to support the strategic plan. Each association member knows the vision for the association and reviews it at regular intervals. Membership knows what each committee is doing and how it contributes to achieving the vision of the association. All meetings have a purpose, an agenda and an intended outcome. Individuals know their responsibilities and who will do what by when.


    The NARI brand dominates. Consumers and related industries know it, and understand it for the values and the good our brand brings to the industry and the community. Companies doing business in remodeling will seek membership to insure their success.

    We identify with NARI’s national presence and its prominence in representing our industry to the public, and we continually work to expand that presence everywhere our members do business. 


    The NARI Pacific Northwest administrative staff supports membership and represents NARI PNW with enthusiasm and a dedication to growing public awareness and perception of NARI PNW members as the professionals and experts in the remodeling industry.  The administrative staff is responsible for implementation of board directives as well as it vision. The staff’s role in recruiting new members is ongoing and vital to the association’s health.  Equally as important, the staff’s focus on growing membership value, both collectively and for each individual member, is well known and definable.


    Membership events are highlights for our members and they make them a priority on their schedules to attend.  Supplier/services members seek the opportunity to host memorable entertaining and/or educational events.

    Community Outreach

    Membership has embraced and is devoted to the practice of giving back to our community.  ReFIT and other like-minded charitable organizations provide opportunities for membership to realize and appreciate the value of their individual and group contributions.

    Affecting Government

    NARI Pacific Northwest is actively engaged in advocacy for the remodeling industry with our local, state and national governments.  We maintain a state lobbyist on retainer as well as a national lobbyist in Washington DC.  We invite local government representatives to our committee meetings and educational events as well as send a representative to attend important government meetings that affect our industry.

    Local and state governmental agencies seek to partner with NARI Pacific Northwest to maintain high standards for the industry and to increase consumer confidence.  The governor also respects our association and the value we provide to the general public and well-being of our state.  The governor and its agencies call upon our association when a representative for the remodeling industry is needed.

    Online Presence

    NARI Pacific Northwest is established and active in the current online communication modes.  Communication is designed and implemented to be consumer oriented. There is an emphasis to be user friendly. Our interaction with homeowners is timely with pertinent information.  The online communication effectively directs the consumer to the desired resource. NARI’s online presence is preferred by most homeowners as the place to find local remodeling assistance resources. 

    Strategic Alliances

    NARI Pacific Northwest will participate in activities with other organizations which also promote the remodeling industry. Our association will co-ordinate and plan events to minimize conflict with other trade organizations.

    Joint activities will be pursued to benefit members of like organizations, such as the annual BUILD conference and other educational seminars.  When possible, members from other organizations will work together on planning committees to create programs that are beneficial to all.

    Vision Implementation

    Our entire strategic plan is measured and monitored. Regular reporting on the progress is simple and concise. Milestones are made known and celebrated. 

    There is a sense of accountability to our fellow members and the personal benefits are appreciated as each one contributes to the greater good. It is known that a vibrant, growing and improving association is the key to our success and in turn contributes to the success of each of the members. Each member knows how and why this happens.

    The activities and actions of the Board, staff and committees are reported on a regular basis to the membership so that they have a full understanding of same. Goals and tasks are established at each meeting and those assigned responsibilities are completed per agreement. It is through this progress that the organization can grow and be viable. We should be known as the association that gets things done.