Membership Categories

    NARI Pacific NW Categories of Membership

    Thank you for your interest in the NARI Pacific Northwest.


    Remodeler and Associate Membership

    Any person, including any individual, partnership, corporation or trust or association, which is engaged in the business of a general or specialty contractor in the remodeling industry or otherwise has an interest in the remodeling industry in the states of Oregon and/or Washington shall be eligible to be admitted as an associate member. 

    Regular memberships are company held.  All employees of the member location receive full membership benefits and pricing.  Remodeler and Associate members shall be entitled to vote in all matters subject to vote by the membership.

    Remodeler and Associate Member Dues:  $550 per company

    Branch Member

    An NARI member company in good standing is allowed to have a branch/satellite office(s) within the State of Oregon. A branch membership is offered at a reduced membership rate of $330 and allows the designated representative from the branch to vote on all NARI issues.  It includes a NARI membership and the right to vote on matters brought to the members by NARI.  The branch must operate under the parent companies employer identification number (EIN) to be eligible for branch membership.  All other member benefits are afforded to the branch employees and they have access to member rates for services and activities of NARI.

    Dues: $330 per company

    Local National/Regional NARI Member

    A local national/regional member is an at-large member not located within the chapter boundaries.

    Local National/Regional NARI Member Dues: $335

    School Membership

    This membership is available for any accredited school that offers a program for students in the remodeling, construction or design industry.

    School Member Dues: $0

    Student Member

    Be a part of the best in the remodeling/construction industry by joining NARI Pacific NW! You will receive all of the information that regular members do and able to join and participate in the organization. This type of membership is for individuals who, at the time of application, are full or part time students, engaged in at least a six hour credit curriculum, enrolled in an accredited high school, vocational training school, or college level program and who are concentrating on a curriculum relevant to the construction and/or remodeling industry.

    Student Member Dues: $20

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