Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Advantage Program

    Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Advantage Program

    NARI Pacific NW continues to have outstanding educational, networking and social opportunities. One of our premier benefits is the structure of small groups that foster relationships with other business people for mutual growth, both personally and professionally. Sharing business and personal experiences in small groups can be very powerful tool for any business person.  Each group member experiences an environment of respect, complete trust and confidentiality.  The P2P Advantage environment does not just happen; it comes from the determination of each participant to achieve a place where ideas can be developed which will help each of us with the challenges we face.

    To learn from others experiences is powerful.  There are currently 20 NARI Pacific NW members in three groups reaping the benefits of P2P. Don’t let another year pass you by before you can take advantage of this invaluable benefit of membership!

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    Questions?   Contact Peer to Peer Program Manager Darcy DeGiovanni at: [email protected]

    What members are saying about P2P:

    "I often tell people that I started my business career upon graduating high school, borrowing some money for a Skilsaw and I was in business. A lot of time has passed since then and I have had to learn what it means to be in business and be responsible for the operation and growth of a company. My business acumen has come from many sources namely books, seminars, and listening to my accountant and lawyer, but the most valuable resource of knowledge that I have found is from other people in business. Listening to what others have done in different circumstances is without a doubt the best information that I have ever gotten. It doesn’t matter whether they are stories of success, failures, or close calls -- all are lessons learned for me. Most of my interaction with other business owners has been in a structure of small groups and now the NARI Pacific NW has provided for its members just such a structure in the P2P Advantage. P2P stands for Peer to Peer and the Advantage is in the experiential lessons that can be learned from other NARIPNW members."

    "One of the most valuable benefits of my membership in NARI Pacific NW has been my involvement with a Peer-to-Peer group. Under the umbrella of confidentiality and the rules we all agree to, we are free to discuss most aspects of our companies with each other. Once trust has been built with the other members, they become a mini board of advisors that I can go to with questions and concerns that only another company owner really gets. We have a range of owners in our group: designers, remodelers, single person and multiple employee companies which bring valuable and unique perspectives to the group. Sharing common problems and solutions with the group opens up trust and friendships with other like-minded peers that I’ve grown to count on."

    "Our group’s success lies in our commitment to each other, strict confidentiality, and consistent effort to meet once a month for 2 1/2 hours.  Our agreed upon adherence to the constitution, has worked out great for us. Our group is seven people strong and honestly I do not see a group being able to sustain with more than seven participants, as the presentation and feedback portion of our meetings really fills up the time.  I am incredibly impressed by our groups professionalism, especially our more business savvy members who have been more than willing to volunteer coaching time."

    "P2P has undoubtedly provided me with the biggest single benefit to my membership in NARI Pacific NW.  I am able to tap into a multiple of resources that allow me to make decisions, assured  that I have vetted them with my unofficial Board of Directors."

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