Selecting the Right Contractor

    Selecting the right remodeling contractor for your home improvement project doesn't have to be a difficult task. By following these guidelines you will better prepared to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

    Employ a home improvement contractor with an established business in your area. Local firms can be checked through references from past customers in your community or through your local better business bureau. Local remodelers are compelled to perform quality work that satisfies their customers for their business to survive.

    Many states, but not all, require contractors to be licensed and or bonded. Contact the Oregon Construction Contractors Board to ensure the contractor meets all requirements. Ask the remodeling contractor for a current copy of their license.

    Check with the government Consumer Affairs Office and the Better Business Bureau to ensure there are no complaints on record for the contractor.

    Ask to see a copy of the remodeling contractor's certification of insurance for the name of his or her insurance agency to verify coverage. Most states require a contractor to carry worker's compensation, property damage and personal liability insurance. Make sure the contractor's insurance coverage meets all the minimum requirements.

    If you solicit bids from several different home improvement contractors, be sure they are bidding on the same scope and quality of work. Discuss variations in bids and beware of any bid that is substantially lower than the others.